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The blue-green algae is a freshwater plant that is now one of the most researched, and alongside its cousin chlorella, most talked about superfoods today. spirulina is renowned for its intense flavor and even more powerful nutrition profile! spiralina benefits are so amazing that taken on a daily basis they could restore and revitalize your health! To date, there[...]

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Protein   67.6% 

Amino acids                      g./100g 

Isoleucine                           3.44 

Leucine                               5.37 

Lysine                                 3.54 

Methionine                          0.91 

Phenylalanine                      2.89 

Threonine                            3.10 

Tryptophan                          0.50 

Valine                                  3.63   

Alanine                                4.49 

Arginine                              4.05 

Aspartic acid                       5.96


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Algalblue has placed quality, consumer protection and food safety as our highest priority. We make the highest quality microalgae products. We are regulated by the FDA for Foods and Dietary Supplements. We are extremely proud of our quality, but we know that these third party verifications are worthy of your confidence and trust. [...]

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Consisted of protein which is 4 times higher than protein in meat and 5 times more than egg. Consisted of 8 amino acids which can not be completely produced by our body, so-called essential amino acid Consisted of beta-carotene which is a source of vitamin A, that is 20-25 times more than in carrot. Consisted [...]

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We recommend making this Superfood part of your diet by starting slowly and increasing as desired. There is no right or wrong way to take Spirulina, and it is not harmful for anyone in any amount. The powder is perfect for making delicious fruit smoothies or sprinkling on steamed vegetables. Many moms introduce this food [...]

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Solar energy  The short rainy season, long daylight hours and the abundant solar energy in this region are optimal natural conditions for Spirulina production. The average annual precipitation is between 280 and 360 mm and average annual daylight sunshine is 3,000 h. Total annual solar radiation is 5,730–5,930 MJ m−2 in this region, which will provide plenty of solar energy [...]

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Spirulina is the micro-algae that cannot be seen by naked eyes, being multi-cell blue green algae, grown in warm and brackish water, with the properties as alkaline. The strain, researched by more than 30 countries worldwide, is Platensis. The root of “spirulina” comes from Latin as helix or spiral that means the spiral shape like a [...]

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Protein                              67.6% 

Amino acids                     g./100g 

Isoleucine                          3.44 

Leucine                             5.37 

Lysine                                3.54 

Methionine                         0.91 

Phenylalanine                    2.89 

Threonine                          3.10 

Tryptophan                        0.50 

Valine                                 3.63 

Alanine                               4.49 

Arginine                             4.05 

Aspartic acid                      5.96 


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Company Information Ordos Byo International Trade Co., Ltd, located in the Erdos Plateau of worldly renown that is intensive in natural soda lakes,Our farm draws on the natural resources that surround us – abundant warm sunlight, pure deep water and 100% fresh water drawn from 500m underground. Plant at glance [...]